About me ....

When not trying to convince Carol and Mike that I truly am their seventh (unknown) child, I enjoy taking pictures that capture moments in time; moments of joy, laughter, determination or a sense of accomplishment. I really don't do many portrait sessions; I prefer schools, athletics and events. Usually I'm right in the fray of things and am enjoying the moment as much as anyone else.  Nothing makes me happier than the ability to share those moments via photos. The more fun everyone is having - the more fun the pictures are. 

After graduating from St. Bonaventure University with a BA in Mass Communication, I embarked on a PR career that actually centered on "fun" - theme parks and sports teams.  When I stepped back to raise a family, I  picked up photography and it was of no surprise to find in that, I liked fun subjects best as well.  Kids. Athletics. Events. I like my pictures to tell a story.  I love the candid and action shots - the accomplishment, the unposed, the unexpected.  Best are the jokers whose personalities often outshine their size.  To capture those photos brings a smile to both their faces and mine.  

Thank you for visiting my site!   If you have questions, comments or concerns, please let me know!  


Mary Beth Lyons