About me ....

When not trying to convince people that I am the seventh (unknown) Brady child, I enjoy taking pictures that capture moments in time; moments of joy, laughter, determination or a sense of accomplishment. 


After graduating from St. Bonaventure University with a BA in Mass Communication, I embarked on a PR career that actually centered on "fun" - theme parks and sports teams.  When we moved to the Bluffton area in 2006, I began to freelance and was asked to provide visuals to go along with my written work.  While doing so, it was of no surprise to find that I gravitated toward fun subjects as well.  Kids. Athletics. Events. I like my pictures to tell a story.  I love the candid and action shots - the accomplishment, the unposed, the unexpected.  Best are the jokers whose personalities often outshine their size.  To capture those photos brings a smile to both their faces and mine.  

Thank you for visiting my site!   If you have questions, comments or concerns, please let me know!  


Mary Beth Lyons